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We stare at the sky and aim to the stars, seeking for our pathway.

Stunning landscape on a starry sky. Let us look at the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro, heart of Brazil.

A boat moored in the Guanabara Bay swings smoothly, powered by the summer breeze. A bright and shiny setting reveals all the rainforest magic by the moonlight. Birds and toucans settle among royal palm trees and centenary trees.

Breathtaking scenery of pure joy and beauty. In this blessed land our real stars grow in leafy trees. A myriad of diverse and colourful cocoa fruit to inspire our passion and devotion. Selected and prepared to perfection, they gain an extra touch of magic.

This is the magic that makes every single piece of our chocolates become a unique, sublime and revealing experience.

This is Q Christmas. A tropical Christmas, sweet and magical as a summer dream.

A quintessentially Brazilian Christmas.


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