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The fascinating mystery of the perfect cocoa bean unfolds itself.

The Q process, created and pioneered by the Aquim Family, allows the cocoa flavour to appear and flourish in its true identity. Every Q bar will remind you that chocolate is made from a tropical fruit and the subtle notes of dried banana, barbados berry and jackfruit will bring you even closer to the rainforest, home of the cocoa fruit.

Farmers from Fazenda Leolinda, located in the heart of the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest tend to the trees and manually collect each cacao fruit that will be personally selected by Samantha Aquim for the family’s exclusive chocolate. Her chocolate recipe contains only pure cocoa, cocoa butter and a just a pinch of sugar.

A close look at the Q packaging reveals a myriad of beautiful fauna and flora that inhabit Leolinda Farm, including bromeliads, armadillos, monkeys and many tropical birds.

Discover Q. Pure Chocolate.